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i hate dumb ass tex drivers   
01:12am 01/11/2004
mood: annoyed
i hate dumb ass tex drivers
for some reason tex is the only place i have been where people stop at green lights but speed up to get through the red light
the dont signal when they weave in and out of traffic or turn all crazy but think that they need to signal only at turn only lanes
they fucking park in restricted parking spots and dont care when there are other parking spots that are open
the old people drive like they have an egg on their hood and the whole world will come to an end if it breaks

i want to go back to new jersey
its better to drive there because everyone drives fast
they even made a movie about it
New Jersey Drive
rent it love it

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soo how are we doin?   
10:03am 15/02/2004
  well since it is the day after valentines day i just was woundering how is everyone out there?  

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its valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
07:58pm 14/02/2004
mood: blah
okay its valentines day and i am sick and i woke up to go to work and there was like 4 inches of snow out there and i called my boss and told her that i cant come to work( i was just in a car wreck and i dont want to be in another). i called the police and she said that the roads were iced and that there were alot of accidents so....i stayed my ass home. i might not have a job tommorro but hey im alive right?

well me and russ just sat here we watched the color purple and started to watch another movie but i fell asleep and russ played a video game then he fell asleep. soooo....

and our reservations at papadoux arnt intill 11:00 pm soo... this is just the perfect day isnt it

i gave russ his present at 12:00am i got him a ring and a reddy bear

he couldnt get my present because of the car wreck but he is gettin me a palm pilot.

well here i sit waitin for our late late night valentine. lol that sounds melodramatic dont it?

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though the wire   
10:54am 13/02/2004
mood: sore
yo my face feels like shit foreal. well since the airbag hit me in the face i feel like shit

my jaw feels like its broke and shit yo

but i have to get to class so...

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bad day   
11:24pm 12/02/2004
mood: annoyed
well today i was not wantin to get up cus me and alex stayed out till like 5 in the morning so i didnt go to school like i should have but thats not the thing

so i droped alex off and then droped russ off at work and i went to the vista ridge mall cus i had a meeting with the manager about transfering there but she needed someone to open on the weekdays and i cant because of school and icing had a full staff so they called the grapevine store because she knew that they needed a third key and all but, there maniger was on vacation so she will call me sometime soon. i hope i get that. well i was soo upset that i dont have a good job and i was trippin so i decided that i am gonna be a hooters girl. aint that funny when i dont have any hooters to begin with. but whatever i went over there and she told me that application time is between 2-4 mon-thurs. so i will be there on monday after school. so i am leavin and i stoped at a stop sign and a car that was not payin attention to me and i was out of it in space thinkin of me bein a hooters girl that i was not payin attention to her we hit each other well it was more like she hit me but she would not have hit me if we were payin attention so....

but after that i realize that my id is in the jacket that i wore to the club last night so i didnt have it on me and then we are goin through this ticket thing so i didnt have the right insurance on me like a bitch so i was soo screwed like a mug. but its all good
the only thing is its not my car its russ' car and the air bag hit me soo hard in my face its swolen your probably like why is it swolen its because i am short as hell and my feet wont reach the pettels so i have to sit right on the wheel like a mug

so then russ' fam comes like they always do and this makes me feel even dumber because i have to tell them that i recked his car because i was thinkin i didnt tell them i was thinkin about becoming a hooters girl i was just thinkin to them so they probably think that the air bag hit me a little too hard. and they kept askin me if i needed to go to the hospital and all. but now i have to go through all of the insurance shit and all. not to mention that i called my job and told them that i was in a wreck and this heffer acts like she is mad that i got in a wreck like i did it so that i couldnt come in or some shit like that i m like bitch fuck you.

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wow its been a long time   
03:03am 10/02/2004
mood: sleepy
well it has been so long since last i wrote and now let me tell you how i am
well i am now at a school called Wade College which is a fashion school
i am havin a great time chillin with my girl alex and goin to clubs and all
me and russ are still together and everything is great with us
we might move into our own apartment alone.
i have a chinchilla named little shit because thats what she does all the time
i just got back from the club and its monday morning and i have to be at school at 9 so you know how i do lol
im just havin a great time but alittle while ago i was very depressed and wanted to kill myself but im straight now

i'll write later im tired.

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well lately....   
12:14pm 10/06/2003
mood: blank
well i have been workin and chillin lately tryin to find out how i am gonna get another job and get my phone i need to save up some money for bills and all too i need to stop buyin cinibons and shit i need to ask my dad for some money for clothes and he said that i can ask him for anything if i needed it and all i am just scared to ask

well i miss panda and i think that she is commin down the week before the 4th but i dont know

talkto you later

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frosted mini wheats   
12:41pm 17/05/2003
mood: awake
well how is everyone doin?
well i just got done talkin to my baby sister whom i miss and thats crazy cuz i can' tstand her
i miss panda and she needs to get her ass on here and update her journal lol
well i just talked to my dad and he is understanding it more and all he keeps sayin i wouldn't have done it but whatever your grown and all
i miss everyone in eddy anit that some shit>??
ohhh i just found out that before my boyfriend meet me he was trin to hook up with one of my friends you know her panda(mindy)
well he says that he met her and he wanted to hook up with her but when he found out that i was interested and all he was totally interested in me i dont' even think that mindy knew that he was interested and if she did she wouldnt have talked to him because she knew that i liked him and she is a good friend like that but she was lookin at his friend keith anyways but keith is soo much older than here and they both liked each other with out even knowin that the other one like the other aint that some shit but they both thought the same thing that they were too much out of the others age range
me and russell we didn tcare just as long as i was 18 anit that some shit???? lol well i was 18 and he was 22 so that aint that much and mindy and keith could have talked but they both were acting like asses
well im sittin here lookin like a nerd typin all of this shit
hey panda i dont even have to look down when i type anymore and when i get into it i dont even mess up. well thank you everyone for your time i know noone is reading this sooo whatever

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well i m feenin for this phone   
01:43pm 15/05/2003
mood: aggravated
okay i went to the mall with my baby a couple of days ago and i saw this phone its called the mini phone. its so cute and little and all.
i am baby sitting this womans kids and she is payin me good
i got $70 the first night and all so i hope that she lets me baby sit tonight so i can get somemore cuz i need that phone i need some clothes and stuff and i need to pay panda that $50 back
i m gonna sell that other phone back(its gonna be hard to part with it, it means so much) and give panda the money from there and i need to get at least one of the 100 jobs that i applied for in the mall so that i can pay bills and shit
let me tell you all about the body shop
well the body shop is a girls store here in the frisco mall and it has really nice clothes in it and all
well i filled out an application with them a while ago and i went in yesterday to see if they reviewed it and all
well they threw my application away!!!!!!!!!
heres why
when i went in my boyfriend was with me and since he was with me and being a sales rep is a HARD job i got my shit thrown out '
anit that some shit?????????
this bitch also asked me to come and fill out another one because i am cute and i have the look
i was like bitch i'll give you a look okay
that really pissed me off icould have been fillin out another application somewhere else okay'
that is some shit

well i am starting to miss that little retard that i call my sister
i miss her gettin on my nerves and shit

ohh some thin else me, my boyfriend and our friend keith went to that matrix premere and the ass holes sold too many tickets and we didnt' get to see it

well i have to go cus i have to go fill out somemore applications and all
just let me get some bitch like the one at the body shop i will turn the frisco mall upside down

(kiss my ass)

well my dad found out   
08:26am 08/05/2003
mood: bitchy
well like i said my dad found out that i have 2 d's and a c and he was like you waisted your time and effort and our money and all and i acted like i didn't even know what my grades were and all. i know he told my step mom and all but she didn't say nothin cuz i think she is just like she is gonna be out of here soon any way so why trip?

this lady in the ltc is pissin me off

anyways, i talked to russell yesterday and told him what was gonin on and he was like thats fucked up

but here is something new
my group for psyc told my teacher that i didn't contribute anything to our group. here is a list of things that i did:
1 i got everone books from three diffrent libraries
2 i did my part of the paper
3 i did 2 case studies(actually three but we couldn't use one)
4 i got a clip of the ring to show to the class as an example of a dream that a bipolar child has

things i didn't do
1 meet them on time at the mall

things tonya did
she did her paper but we couldn't use it so sandy did it for her

things that joe did
power point

things that crystal did
the reference page

things that sandy and ashley did
get copies of paper
type up paper
got last case study

now my friends look at all of my accomplish ments and see who did the most work and who got the least amount of credit.

aint that some bull shit???

well i am pissed and when i see one of them i am gonna ask what the hell just happened? cus that is some fucked up shit waco people suck ass

well anyway i found out alot of my friends are pregnant and all and that aint cool.

i have to give my acting performance later and do a make up monolouge.

im tired and the world sucks everything will be better when i get up to dallas and get a job. i just need to calm down and all. today is my last day here in this hell hole.
that makes me smile then it makes me sad that i will be leavin panda here alone she is such a good friend and all. everyone should have their own pandablu.

(kiss my ass)

HEY I AM ALMOST OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
08:52am 07/05/2003
mood: weird
well yes i am almost out of here and all but that is a good thing and a bad thing.
i will be gettin away from my dumb ass parents
i will be spending alot of time with russell
i will be gettin a job and learning about life
i will hopefully be going to unt
i will prove everyone wrong and i will do it
i will be free to be myself with out the golden child you are the oldest you set the paste talk

i have to tell my dad that i have a d in eng
i have to hurt my sister(but hey it was gonna happen sooner or later)
i have to leave all of my friends behind

well i dont know what to tell my dad cus i have to have a 2.5 or they will kick my ass and if i dont' that will piss me and him off

i just got done with my history and i think that i did a great job.

i have to go so just kiss my ass if you have somethin to say

(kiss my ass)

Some things Realllllllyyyyyyyy Suck   
04:24pm 06/05/2003
mood: cranky
Well this morning i gave my presentation like i told you before and all and i found out that that bitch in eng gave me a d and my dad is gonna trip well after that i went and made up that test for psyc that i was supposed to after spring break. well after i failed that test i cameup here and steven was here and talkin junk bout crap and all. hey panda just called so i have to write later brb.hopefully

(kiss my ass)

12:04pm 06/05/2003
mood: angry
well i just checked my grade in english and i have a d and i am so fucked cus my dad is not gonna take this good at all and he is payin for my school and i have to find another wayto pay for it. i don't care what i have to do if i have to srip i will so that i can pay for school. well i have to go make up a test.

(kiss my ass)

i want to leave now   
12:12pm 05/05/2003
mood: blah
well i am tired
i just got done failing my eng exam and i got a f on my research paper that i stayed up and all for. so i know i just failed that class and i am like i dont care anymore anyway

now i am trying to study for this psy class that i have to make up a test for and all and i have my final presintation tommorrow. fuck life.

all i can think about is studing and moving and what everyone else is thinking of me and i need to stop that. about ten times today while i was taking my eng test i kept thinking about moving my shit and all.

life sucks
pms sucks too
it sucks to be me right now

well i miss my baby he is the only thing that is keeping me sane now and i appreciate everything he does

panda is at work and i wish i had a job. i need money i can't even afford to pay this girl $7 for printing all of our presentation stuff out anit that a shame? i have no money i have $19 in one bank and $15 in another and that $15 is about to be gone so that panda can help me move i pray that my dad will give me some money. i need it. he is still acting like a fool and all callin me just to say hey and all he is acting like an ex boyfriend that you just want to tell to leave you alone and all but you dont' want to be mean and all. but whatever i just wish that he would stop acting like a jack ass and all. sorry i just had to kill a spider that was crawing on the keypad and all.see i change when i am pmsin if this was a regular day and a spider would crawl across the keypad i would act a damn fool by jumping up and down screamin and letting everyone in this library know that i am a crazy ass bitchbut, now i am just like spider dont fuck whit me i will hurt you. okay.

well i guess i will let you all go to your study hard, finals are my life and i need to pass just like i need water lives. i will miss you all will you miss me.

(kiss my ass)

i know someone who looks like daniel bettingfield   
11:47am 02/05/2003
mood: bitchy
well i am PMSin to the max Sandras big head ass wont get me no damn icecream and me and panda are getting ready to see x men at 1 we have to see it early cus of finalls.

there is nothing that should ever take your heart away from what it is you want to do. you should always go with what you like dont follow no one else just do whats good for you. tell them dreams are real all you have to do is just believe.

anit that cool.

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little pee pees   
02:22pm 01/05/2003
mood: disappointed
condel delacy has a little pee pee


soulja dawg has a little tiny pee pee

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well i am hungry   
11:45am 23/04/2003
mood: dorky
well today started out as an okay day. this dude got mad at me cuz i didn't give his brother his number. russell isn't at work and he aint here so im like whatever. just let me have my time and i will have a better day.

shy got her eyes done she looks good

(kiss my ass)

~* seven frickin' days *~   
12:32am 23/04/2003
mood: amused
7.....6.....5...4....3.......2........see ya soon

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i need to pee....again   
10:56am 22/04/2003
mood: lazy
well i have to pee and i am tired.
well i am hungry and all.
thats all

(kiss my ass)

hey all guess what i am studying   
08:45am 16/04/2003
mood: tired
well i am still studying and i am pissed because no matter how much i study i am still a slow child. well me panda and shy have been at about 3 diffrent libraries and yesterday we went to baylors and we felt sooo stupid cuz we couldnt' find shit so we left making fun of them for being dumb when we were the ones who were. but foreal their card catalog sucks. then this girl comes up to us and tells us to vote and i m like we arn't baylor students and she says well you look llike it and we politely say thank you but inside im like bitch i dont' look like some air head "like omg" type of girl. BAYLOR CHICS SUCK. well i have to go to my history class soo i will talk to my devoted listiners later.

ps yall know i cant spell so i dont want to hear shit about how i suck and i am supposed to be a college student and all cuz i am tryin with my litlerate ass. you see theres a nother one.

(kiss my ass)